Evangelism tracked liked Giving?

A group of friends and I were hanging out a few years back. Much of the group was made up of fellow church staff members. It was a typical evening of playing games, watching TV, drinking yummy expensive tea, and just enjoying each other company. The fun, however, was interrupted when I received a phone call from someone else on staff. It was the administrative assistance to the pastors who was on the phone. They requested I join the pastors for a meeting the next afternoon. The phone call was uncharacteristic, and because it was, I grew anxious. Then minutes later someone else in the room got the same phone call. History told us this wasn’t good. What had been a fun evening turned it a stressed filled, recon mission to find out what we had in common that warranted us a meeting with higher ups. Let’s get plugged into leadership and explore what happened next.

I will admit right off the bat it was sin for us to be so worried. I wasn’t resting in God, but my ability. I was scared of being called on the carpet for something that I wasn’t aware was wrong, or worse being fired. The day came, I was tired from not sleeping, but the meeting was about the church not having a record of me giving financially to the church. I was, but the way that I was giving, through cash, was not tracked as there was no system to be able to do that. After the conversation, I had a conversation with my then fiancé now wife, and we started to give together. She wrote checks and therefore it was able to be tracked.

For weeks and months after that meeting, the conversation about giving was wrapped into weekly meetings with my leader, and throughout the staff. Giving went up. We measured through, tracking and conversation, giving. It was and is important to give as Jesus tells us to give.

Shortly after this, I had was caught flat-footed when I was sharing my faith. Evangelism, to be honest, wasn’t something that I did very often. Not sharing my faith was also a problem in the eyes of God. Mark 16:15, Psalm 105:1, Acts 8 and others. This experience of being caught flat-footed impacted me significantly. So much so that I went on a journey to looking into the questions I didn’t have answers for. I grew so much in my understanding of who God is, who I am, God’s relationship to me, the Bible, science, philosophy, history, and so much more. It was a real turning point in my Christianity.

Now, I share my often. I begin conversations with strangers, friends, and family members about spiritual topics. I ask questions and learned about who they are, where they are from, and how they came to believe what they believe. I also share my views of reality with them. The goal is to present Christianity as true and let God do His work.

Recently, as I was reflecting on these two situations in my life, I wondered what my life would have looked like if I was asked about who I was sharing my faith with as much as I was asked about my giving. What if churches were talking openly and often about conversations they were having with people far from God? What if, in addition to Financial Peace University, churches had a 12-week course on how to share your faith with others? I put this question out on social media, and the post got a lot of comments on it. One comment stated that many churches had paid worship leaders and business managers(positions that are important) but often don’t have an outreach or evangelism director.

My studies have led me to work for Ratio Christi. An organization that helps the church be better evangelist and apologist. Something that I needed a long time ago. Giving is super important and so is evangelism. I would love to see churches make both part of their conversations more often.

If you would like to learn more about sharing your faith or you would like me to come to your church and teach the skills that I have learned, please contact me here. I desire to see more people equipped to share their faith because I believe as we do, we grow closer to Jesus.

Here is a video that helps define Evangelism and Apologetics. 

Here are 5 things to keep in mind as you share your faith. 


3 thoughts on “Evangelism tracked liked Giving?

  1. Good stuff! Giving is so vital to local church growth, effect, and maintenance, but the sharing of faith is imperative to spreading the good news and growing God’s kingdom! If we were all held accountable for evangelism, it would surely increase as well.


  2. Micromanaged faith… that’s what church is nowadays. No one has a right to ‘call you on the carpet’ about either your giving to the church or (or others for that matter) or the sharing of your Faith in personal evangelism. Run. Run fast. And escape the authoritarians in leadership there while you still can. Find your own path and connect with god for yourself, not thru anyone else’s expectations or micromanagement. -kia


    1. Hey Kia, I think that is what church has always been. Jesus placed a high value on keep each other accountable. I dont think it is micromanaging as much as it is care for someone. If you love someone you would to point them towards the truth found in Christ. We need each other. Paul echo this same idea calling us to judge one another so we can keep each other on track. The method should be start with love and relationship. Thanks


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