Evangelism VS Apologetics

People love the “E” word!  Churches focus on evangelism, entire college ministries are built on evangelism, and it should be something that each Christian should be doing.  The practice of evangelism, sharing the good news of the Gospel, is changing lives as people encounter Jesus and what He has done for them.  To hear Jesus died so that you could have a relationship with the God of the universe and what this truth has done in your life is very good news.

Why then have very few Christians heard of apologetics, let alone do it.  Most Christians I meet have heard of and do evangelism, at least on some level.  Those that are doing evangelism might also be doing apologetics and not even know it.  I recorded a short video with my friend Eric Chabot.  Eric blogs at www.thinkapologetics.com. Please take a few minutes and watch the video.  You may be doing apologetics and not even know it.


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