The Archbishop’s 5 top Evangelism tips

In the May 2015 issue of Premier Christian Magazine, a publication out of the UK, there was an interview with the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby. The title of the article is “Welby:’Evangelism is for all Christians”. It is a very great article and worth a read if you can get your hands on a copy of the issue. In this article, the Archbishop gave the readers his top 5 tips on Evangelism. The 5 things so impacted me and my practical evangelism, I thought it was worth it to share them here. Let’s get plugged into leadership and improve our evangelism.

Evangelism is the sharing of the good news of what God has done in history and thus in our lives. For more information on the difference between Evangelism and Apologetics, I suggest checking out this post. Both of these things Christians should be actively engaging in. Both involve an understanding of what the Gospel is, and a knowledge of people. Welby’s advice helps us with both of these.

1.Do it out of Love
We share the good news, not because it’s a duty, but because we’re so consumed with knowing how wonderful Jesus is that we want to talk to others about that.

2. Remember that it’s good news
This is about hope. It’s positive, it’s really good.

3. Give the Holy Spirit a chance
Trust that the Holy Spirit is taking people at the right pace, and with the love that embraces them from God, not with the kind of manipulation that people are tempted into.

4. Always be ready to give an answer
This comes back to 1 Peter 3:15 ‘Always be ready to give an explanation, a reason for the hope that is with you. But with respect and gentleness.’

5. Pray
You will be astonished at what happens

This a very powerful list. They are simple to understand but much harder to put into practice. “When we walk in the light, when we pray, when we’re close to Jesus, people become Christians,” said Welby in summary of these 5 points. For those of us that sharing the Good News doesn’t seem normal or nature, these 5 points, and practice will help it become normal and natural.



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