Holding it all together

I am a former full-time church technical director. I also did some audio and lighting work for some local bands and sound companies. Let’s just say that I have been around the block in the tech world. I am largely out of the game these days as I spend the bulk of my time speaking and coaching leaders. But I have a soft spot in my heart for my fellow people in the booth. … More Holding it all together

Mind the Gap!

Yesterday was Easter! If you are on staff at a church, there is a good chance you are taking it easy today. Enjoy the much-needed rest. But as you know, there is another service coming up in six days. The guests that made it out to your church this past weekend will likely be considering another visit this coming Sunday. I would like to offer some considerations for your sermon this weekend. Let’s get plugged into leadership before you get writing. … More Mind the Gap!

Feeling Used?

One of the reasons I am so passionate about leadership is because I have experienced and reflected on the great leaders I have had and leaders that are, well, less than great. What makes someone a great leader? Can you think of someone that would put in the category of a great leader? What types of things did they do that would cause you to place them into that category? Let’s get plugged into leadership and find out. … More Feeling Used?