Mind the Gap!

Yesterday was Easter! If you are on staff at a church, there is a good chance you are taking it easy today. Enjoy the much-needed rest. But as you know, there is another service coming up in six days. The guests that made it out to your church this past weekend will likely be considering another visit this coming Sunday. I would like to offer some considerations for your sermon this weekend. Let’s get plugged into leadership before you get writing. … More Mind the Gap!


Feeling Used?

One of the reasons I am so passionate about leadership is because I have experienced and reflected on the great leaders I have had and leaders that are, well, less than great. What makes someone a great leader? Can you think of someone that would put in the category of a great leader? What types of things did they do that would cause you to place them into that category? Let’s get plugged into leadership and find out. … More Feeling Used?

The Way You Know

The study of how we come to know things, I think, is THE most important thing to keep in mind when sharing your faith, preaching, casting a vision, and communication in general. As you are communicating, the question in everyone’s minds is: “how do you know that?”
You are thinking it right now! This question is especially prominent when the person talking to you, is saying something you disagree with. You will look for any possible flaw in their message, so you don’t have to deem it as true. Keep an open mind as you read through. This post is long, and some what technical. Let’s get plugged into leadership and look at the knowing of knowing. … More The Way You Know

8 Things to Remember During “Resurrection Conversations”

“How does the death of a guy, even if he is God, do anything for me now?” A friend asked me this a short time ago. This person didn’t doubt that God raised Jesus from the dead. They doubt how it could have any effect on them today. It wasn’t “Good News” if it didn’t really matter. On one hand, I understand this person’s question. I understand the desire to connect the Resurrection to our life today. On the other hand God has revealed to us His purpose and plan in raising Jesus from the dead. Simon has outlined some evidence that gives us confidence in the historicity of Jesus’ Resurrection. Simon then drew from the biblical stories and concluded ‘Jesus is risen, therefore you have work ahead of you’ here. Part of the work is to share the Hope that is found in this event. Even though it is ancient history, it has present day effects. Let’s get plugged into leadership and see how we can relate the Resurrection to our conversations today. … More 8 Things to Remember During “Resurrection Conversations”

‘Jesus is risen, therefore you have work ahead of you’

Guest post from Simon Foster. Student Life Pastor at Life Charlotte!

I sometimes have weeks where I am around a lot of people and the conversations can get a little bit monotonous. I can get bored. Tasks keep piling up like that pasta bowl that you’ve been chowing down on for 30 minutes but it feels like nothing has changed, all the tasks and pasta are still there. It can get overwhelming at times. Can you relate? We constantly are putting on all different hats from husband to dad to job (student pastor) to student to friend to a neighbor to miscellaneous hats you didn’t really want to wear but its got to get done. You with me?! … More ‘Jesus is risen, therefore you have work ahead of you’

The Resurrection, An Event To Be Confident About

Good friend and Student Life Pastor at Life Fellowship church has offered to give us, the readers, some great insight into the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Simon Foster is working on his MA in Apologetics at BIOLA university. He has graciously shared some insight from a class he is taking there on the resurrection. Let’s get plugged into leadership and see how we can love people with the fact of the resurrection. … More The Resurrection, An Event To Be Confident About

Why Belief in God is Rational

Absolute truth has to exist. There is a reality. Once in awhile, in conversation, I have to establish absolute truth more than a basic belief. Absolute truth is essential to any conversation about belief in God. The easiest way to establish the fact, truth does exist, is to just ask the person if absolute truth exists. If they say, “no”, then you ask, “ Is your answer absolutely true?”. This shows the error in their thinking and they are left with the only reasonable option, to accept that there is truth or could be an absolute truth. Let’s get plugged into leadership and look at this topic in more detail. … More Why Belief in God is Rational

Are Miracles Possible?

In the book “I don’t have enough Faith to be an Atheist”, authors Geisler and Turek bring up an argument from Benedict Spinoza.  The form of his argument is as follows.     Miracles are violations of natural laws.     Natural laws are immutable.     It is impossible to violate immutable laws.     Therefore, miracles are … More Are Miracles Possible?

7 Things I Wish I Had Known in High School

High school – it’s a weird time.

When you enter ninth grade, you feel tiny and overwhelmed – a strange contrast to the confident persona you easily assumed as king of the jungle in the eighth grade.

As you age, you begin to learn the ropes, but realize that not only do you have to keep up with your own personal changes – external and internal – you also must become aware of everyone else’s. … More 7 Things I Wish I Had Known in High School