Mind the Gap!

Yesterday was Easter! If you are on staff at a church, there is a good chance you are taking it easy today. Enjoy the much-needed rest. But as you know, there is another service coming up in six days. The guests that made it out to your church this past weekend will likely be considering another visit this coming Sunday. I would like to offer some considerations for your sermon this weekend. Let’s get plugged into leadership before you get writing. … More Mind the Gap!

Evangelism tracked liked Giving?

For weeks and months after that meeting, the conversation about giving was wrapped into weekly meetings with my leader, and throughout the staff. Giving went up. We measured through, tracking and conversation, giving. It was and is important to give as Jesus tells us to give. … More Evangelism tracked liked Giving?

The Way You Know

The study of how we come to know things, I think, is THE most important thing to keep in mind when sharing your faith, preaching, casting a vision, and communication in general. As you are communicating, the question in everyone’s minds is: “how do you know that?”
You are thinking it right now! This question is especially prominent when the person talking to you, is saying something you disagree with. You will look for any possible flaw in their message, so you don’t have to deem it as true. Keep an open mind as you read through. This post is long, and some what technical. Let’s get plugged into leadership and look at the knowing of knowing. … More The Way You Know