Mentoring and Coaching, what is the difference #teawithtim

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[01:51] All right. Annette, thank you so much for sharing the tea with some videos and being part of the community. I’m so happy for you. I will get your address and ship you off something, uh, as soon as possible. Today I want to talk just for a few minutes about the difference between mentoring and coaching, was having a conversation with some friends on Wednesday and we were sitting around the table. It was bomb people that had been in the business world, a great friends of mine, and we just had a really good conversation around the difference between mentoring and coaching. The two different things and oftentimes they get confused. Both are great. I think that all leaders, people that are growing, people that are continuing to try to hit their goals, need both of them. They need a both of them. So a mentor is typically somebody that is a little bit further ahead in whatever industry or whatever career you want be in.

[03:00] It could even be if you’re a mom and you need some mentoring from another mom. Somebody maybe that’s a little bit older, that their kids are a little bit older than you. That’s OK. If you have a. If you’re a sales guy, maybe you have a mentor of someone that has been the, uh, the VP of sales or that has been the number one salesperson. If you’re a CEO of a smaller company, you might have a mentor, whether that’s a CEO of a bigger company, a mentor is somebody that is going to help you and give you advice from their perspective. This is what I did in that situation and this is how it helped me. Now, one of the conscience about a mentor is that typically they’re going to give advice based on their own experience, based on what they went through and how they reacted to that certain situation, a situation when they were in that, when they were in your situation.

[03:54] Perhaps you have a. you’re a multi level marketing person, you have a multi-level marketing business. Well, you may have a mentor of someone that is one or two steps above you. You may meet with them on a regular basis and and basis and they will tell you, this is what I did in order to get where I am at. I met with these people. I have made these phone calls. I had this type of conversation. They are going to be mentoring you. Now, what’s the difference between a mentor and a coach? Will a coach is really the the main goal of a coach is for you, the coach, he to understand your situation better and to draw out what you might do and then also help you develop a plan that works best for you to reach your desired coaching goal and then keep you accountable to that plan.

[04:53] So one of the differences between a coach and a mentor is a mentor might give advice and a coach might challenge you to think through your own situation and reflect on your own situation so that you can better make decisions in the moment. Because a mentor though great love mentors are going to give you the advice that they experienced in your situation is more than likely you’re going to be different. There’s going to be different players involved, a different culture, a different time, so that advice might not line up with the mentor’s advice. You have to take it and say, does this really work for me? As with the coach, is the coachee is driving the process. They’re driving the process and the coach is asking questions so that you understand your situation better and that you can then make decisions based on that. A coaching question might be what is going on in the situation?

[05:51] Why did you react that way, and they’re not asking the question because they just want to know, although they do, but they’re asking the question so that you reflect on your actions and your emotions in the moment and that you can articulate them better so that next time you’re in that situation you can think I’m reacting this way because and answer the question. That is one of the huge benefits of a coach and what I’ve had mentors and I’ve had coaches and they both do different things and I get different results coming out of both of those environments. Again, as a leader, I think you need both of them. You can go through seasons where you might have a specific coach for even multiple areas of your life. You could have a fitness coach, you could have a relationship coach. You can have a life coach.

[06:41] You could have a leadership coach and those all might be different people that you’ve employed, that you’ve sought out and said, hey, can you coach me on this? You also may have different mentors for different pieces of your life. You may have a business mentor, someone that’s further along in the business, and then you, you may have a relationship mentor and perhaps a older couple that’s been married for a lot longer than you may go to them and say, Hey, this is the situation that we’re in. How did you handle it? Or a parenting mentor. Again, someone that’s further along, their kids are a little bit older and they have made mistakes and they have had successes and they’re going to give you their wisdom. Now again, I don’t have to be married for 47 years to coach somebody in their marriage. I don’t have to have lead a fortune 500 company and in order to coach somebody that is the CEO of fortune 500 company because they’re different.

[07:30] So That’s the difference between coaching and mentoring. There’s lots more nuances with that. Uh, I, I do this specific topic because we’re going to have some coaches on the show over the next few weeks and I wanted to make sure that you understood as the viewers have tea with Tim, what the difference between a coach and a mentor is. Thank you so much. I will see you on Monday. Some exciting new things are coming up on. T was Tim. I’ll just mention one real quickly trying to get on itunes, trying to get on a podcast, so make that where I’m trying to make this show available on your itunes or on your whatever, however you download podcasts so you can listen to this show on the go. You don’t have to necessarily tuned into facebook. So that’s in the works. I’m hoping it’ll be up and running on Monday, Monday, April second. Thanks for tuning in. Again, share this video. You’ll be entered into a free leadership resource drawing, um, next week. Appreciate all the support. Thank you. I’ll see you again on Monday.


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