Jesus as a leader #teawithtim

Jesus is an amazing leader.  He has given us many ways to follow as we develop our leadership.  Tim lays out 3 things that Jesus did that we as leaders can follow to find success in our leadership.

[00:00] Good morning, I am Tim from plugged into leadership, your outlet for leadership success and you have joined me this morning on tea with Tim. Grab your mugs. I’ll admit that I am in my pajamas this morning hanging out in my back yard and we have some company in. My mom is here, so she is in my normal spot. So I decided to kind of, uh, take this to the back yard we’re going to talk this morning about Jesus. This is the day after Easter and I thought it would be great to kind of touch on a few points of A. Jesus’ excellent and amazing leadership. So one of the things that I have noticed over my reading of scripture is how Jesus gives us a model for sacrificing as a leader and when we start with Jesus, even coming to earth and being born a, that was a huge sacrifice.

[01:05] He set aside his divinity and put on flesh and was born of Mary and entered into our world, entered into the world as a human. And that was a huge, huge sacrifice. And he did it because he loves us. And so that gives us as leaders now as we look at Jesus’ example as a model to follow, of sacrifice, and then what we celebrated, uh, just the past Friday. Good Friday is another major example of Jesus’, his sacrifice as a leader. So that is a big one. If you’re going to be a leader, you need to learn how to sacrifice, that. There needs to be things in your life that you might have to give up to continue to move forward. As a leader, you might have to put things aside so that you can help move your team forward and move success on what you’re doing forward.

[01:59] So one of the key elements of Jesus’s leadership is sacrifice. The second one is bringing others along on the journey. So Jesus didn’t do a ministry alone, he had 12 people. And even within those 12, he had a closer few another three, a smaller group. But he brought others along. People followed Jesus. But he also continued to invite people on his journey and to help be part of his mission. So it’s worth thinking about that as leaders, we need to do the same. We need to continually be inviting others in. We need to continue to be, um, bringing other people along, casting the vision, communicating it clearly and continuing to bring others along on the journey. And the last thing that I want to highlight, not the last thing that Jesus did as a, as an amazing leader, but the last thing I want to highlight is that Jesus empowered others.

[02:52] So again, as yesterday we celebrated the resurrection of Jesus. Jesus hung around on the ears for 40 days after that, but then he ascended back into heaven and this group of 12 people or 11 actually, and then they cast lots for a to add another. In the beginning of the book of acts, we see that group of 12 people helping to change the world and spread the message, the good news of Christianity throughout the whole entire world, which on a lot of levels if you’re in America and you’re in a part of American culture, you are somewhat, if not mostly affected by the 12 people that have been sent out and continued to be empowered and use the leadership that Jesus had empowered them with, and we see this at the end of Matthew where it says, all power on earth, on heaven and earth has been given to me, and Jesus is saying this is it.

[03:51] Now, go and make disciples, baptizing them, and so we we see this great vision of empowerment. So as leaders, we need to empower others. We need to cast that vision, bring others along, the sacrificing along the way and empower others. As we go. A few closing remarks. I said on Friday that there is going to be something exciting. What I need for you to do this, here’s the super exciting part, tea was tim is now not only a live facebook show, it is also a podcast on itunes and pod bean, so please consider subscribing to the podcast. You can catch it. I will post up the audio of the tea with Tim shows just after I complete them. So sometime probably around 9:30. They should show up in the itunes feed. Uh, and then if you miss it on facebook live, you don’t get a chance to see it.

[04:43] You can listen to every single morning on itunes or the next day or at lunch or, or however you get your podcast. So you can check it out, check it out here. You can subscribe and search for it. Just search tea with Tim on the itunes store for your podcast, or you can go to a pod and subscribe there. That’s p o d, b e a n And search for two with Tim and find it there. So trying to make this more accessible for more people. If you share this video on your social media, you’ll be entered into our weekly resource drawing if you like it or give it five stars or share a comment on itunes. You will also be entered into a leadership resource drawing on Friday and we will put those all in a hat and pull a name out. So that’s some of the exciting things that are going on.

[05:35] Wednesday, I have a guest, um, my friend Dave Ferguson, coach Dave will be on the show. So I’m excited about that. And I have been feverously lining up other interviews I had said that I wanted to have other people on the show and had been working towards that. So there’ll be more people coming, more people, uh, hanging out on tee with tim show. So don’t be surprised if I reach out to you and want to do a few minute interview to hear your story and what’s going on in your world. A couple of quick things, if you head over to a, plugged into and click our leadership assessment and you can track to see where you’re at in your leadership, how you’re doing with sacrificing, bringing others along and empowering others and that will give you some, uh, some added benefits if you complete that survey and put your email address and you’ll get an email from me with some other cool, exciting things. So take a second and go on to plugged in leadership that let it plugged into leadership [inaudible] and check that out. Also, don’t forget to find me on itunes. Now you can listen to Tim as a podcast. So that’s all I got for today. This is me coming to you. I have my flower mug today with my tea. Hope you enjoyed this morning’s too with Tim. Thanks. Yeah.


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