Why is leadership of self so hard? #teawithtim


Well, good morning, it’s Thursday. Glad that you have decided to join me on t with Tim. I have my tea with Tim Mug right here with my tea in it.

[00:21] So where’s your leadership at? I’m Tim from plugging the leadership. Your outlet for leadership success. So glad that you have decided to join me this morning. We are going to be answering the question why leadership of self is so hard. I mean you’ve been there. It’s been difficult. There have been things going on in your world. Everything feels like it’s caving in. You can’t decide what to do next. You’ve got this thing coming at you. When that thing coming at you, when that kid screaming and that person calling you and this person emailing you and somebody else texts and multiple notifications on your facebook and then, oh, and you have this big, huge giant project that work that you have to finish and you really don’t even know what to do next. You have no clue where to even put your next step. And oftentimes there’s just.

[01:11] You just kind of go into a hole and you’re like, I just don’t even know what to do. And then one of the most difficult things to do is to lead ourselves through our lives and those situations. So the answer to the question I believe why leadership is so difficult is because there’s so much emotion tied to all of our decisions that we have to make. I’m in the process of going through financial peace university with my wife and a number of people and it has been fantastic. It’s been great to kind of just reset and think about our budget and kind of move forward with the right mindset when it comes to budgeting. And I’m noticing as we’re sitting in this class that there’s a lot of overlap between, uh, just being able to budget correctly and uh, what, how the, how the process of budgeting is and the mindset of growing as a leader.

[02:04] One of the exercises we worked on last night was kind of getting our budget down on paper. And it was funny because we, we did this process kind of with a mock budget for somebody else. And it was easy to just move this around, do this, change this, that make this number add up straight. No problem. Working on somebody else’s budget was fantastic. It was really simple because there was no emotion tied to somebody else’s budget. But when it came to our budget, when it came to the whole household family budget, it was so much more difficult to make those cuts. So when we’re talking about leading ourselves, whether it’s through all the chaos that we have to do in life and work and our careers and with our friends and our social life and all the other areas in our life, or whether it’s specifically with your budget and your finances, one of the first things that we have to do is be able to reflect, stop, reflect on why we’re making some of the decisions that we are making.

[03:01] What is causing me to make this decision that I’m making? Why am I making this decision? This is where spending time, sitting down, focusing on the future and goals makes, making decisions and leadership of self so easy in the moment because you’ve already created when without the chaos of the situation, some guide rails that you can use to help make decisions in the moment, so spending time putting together a plan and goals and working out some of that stuff when there isn’t a lot of chaos when there isn’t a lot of stuff going on, helps you in the moment to make some of those decisions so that you can move forward. So leadership of self is so hard because there’s so much emotion tied to making those decisions. It’s one of the reasons that when someone comes to us for advice where it’s so easy for us to give them advice, oh, all you have to do, what’s this?

[03:59] It’s really easy. Just go ahead and do it, and then we get frustrated when they don’t take our advice. Right? We’re like, why didn’t you do it was so simple. I can see what the answer is, but they didn’t do that. They didn’t see what the answer was. Well, one of the reasons is because they have more emotion, they have more context than you do, and we can apply that to our selves. We can apply that to what’s going on in our world and we can take time to stop and reflect. If there’s one thing that you take out of today’s a little journey down the leadership lane is take time to stop and reflect. Think about the future plotted out ahead of time and that will help you make easier decisions that will make decisions easier in the moment and the first person that we need to lead is our selves.

[04:53] The first person that we need to focus on and make sure that we are leading ourselves well is our selves. We need to be making sure that we have that. This really, really, really great, great quote from a friend of mine. His name is Dave Ferguson. He is an executive coach. He is a speaker. He is an author. He had the super great quotes, is truly effective. Leaders don’t just strike while the iron is hot. They strike before the furnace is even lit. They don’t strike while the iron is hot, they strictly for the furnace is even that. So before your world goes into chaos, before you have a big project that were before things start to go awry, spend time and reflect on the future, reflect on the past and plan some goals. I’m really excited for some things that are coming up. The guy, Dave, that I just mentioned, really, really amazing guy.

[05:53] He is going to be interviewed on the show next week, next Wednesday. So tune into that. There’s another friend of mine named Tom Hentschel from essentialcomm.com that’s a central comm with two m’s. He runs the look and sound of leadership podcast. I’ve mentioned him before. He has also agreed to do an interview for the show. So I’m really excited about that. Uh, andy occur, our good friend Andy curve, friend of the show, my coach, one of the coaches that I have used, uh, in the past continue to talk to you and get some accountability and guidance from Andy Curry is going to be on the show and there are some others that I’m working on as well. I said yesterday that I’m going to reach out to you and I’ve been reaching out to a few people that I know that are friends with Tim to be interviewed on the show and I’m not gonna mention any of those names.

[06:41] Quite excellent and have them all lined up yet, but if you get a text message or email from me about being on the show, I’m serious. I want to interview you. Don’t think, oh my gosh, why would I? I can’t do that. I’m not a big PR. I’m not a big wig like like dave or Tom Henshaw and occur, but I want to hear your story as well. I want you to tell me what’s going on in your world and how leadership has helped you move forward, so thanks again. Remember to share this. You get to be entered into the real weak leadership resource drawing. It’s a fun and exciting way to just get you involved. Share the video and you get some free resources out of it that will be happening tomorrow on the show, so go ahead and share this out. I’m excited that you have decided to tune in. Thank you for checking it out. Mugs available on plugged into leadership facebook page. If you want a mug there, great tea tastes so much better in a plugged into leadership mug than it does in the other monk. I don’t really drink coffee, so I can’t say how coffee tasting it, but maybe somebody that drinks coffee and has a tea with Tin Mug can tell me how coffee tastes in a few weeks to a month. That’s it for me. I’m signing off. I will see you tomorrow.


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