Do you have a Growth Mindset? #teawithtim

[00:00] Hello, my name is Tim from plugged into leadership, your outlet for leadership success. Grab your Mug. It’s Tuesday morning at 9:00. Grab your tea. Here we go.

[00:15] All right. Good Morning Megan. Megan’s on. She is ready to go. Molly is on. Um, I am excited that you have decided to watch this video and I want to tell you a little story. There were these two brothers, Dick and Maurice, and they moved to California to live out their American dream and ended up starting a restaurant and the restaurant became pretty popular pretty quickly, but their efforts at really skyrocketing, their business continued to fail and they continue to fail and fail and fail until their friend Rick crock showed up. Now see with Rick’s leadership ability the business started to grow like crazy and in four years, ray opened over a hundred new stores and it hasn’t stopped growing since 1955. You know this restaurant, the restaurant is known by its Golden Arches. It’s Mcdonald’s. So Maurice and Dick had a lid on their leadership that limited their ability to have success.

[01:17] And I found that to be true in my own life. And I’m not sure about you, but if you’re thinking about bigger things, if you know that there are things out there that you have experienced joy and happiness and you want the rest of the world to experience that as well, or if you just see a problem that you’re like, this has to stop and you want to be effective in changing that. You have to change your mindset to have a growth mindset, to start to apply yourself to grow every single day. So one of the things that John Maxwell always says when he’s talking about this idea of growing is that leadership isn’t done in a day. It’s done daily. We grow daily in our leadership. We have to apply ourselves daily. So one of the major, major components of having a growth mindset is being able and willing to apply yourself daily to a process of growing.

[02:16] Watching these videos is a great start. If you just commit to at a base level to watching t with tim every single morning, you will start to see yourself grow. If you start to apply some of the things that I talk about on a regular basis here, on tea with Tim, I want to help you get this growth mindset, some other things that you can do to kind of kickstart your growth mindset and start by listing some goals that you have, some things that you’d like to achieve, some change that you would like to see in your life and other’s lives. Start by just listing out those goals. The next thing that you should do is you should really get an idea of where your leadership is really at. You should assess your leadership, I have a really simple, easy tool. It’ll take you less than five minutes. If you go to, go ahead and do it right now. Open a new window. Go to I’ll wait.

[03:15] OK, and the upper toolbar, you see this thing that says leadership assessment. Go ahead and click on that follow, the link on that site, and they’ll take you to another site real quick where you can take a leadership assessment. It’ll give you an idea of where you’re at in your leadership, some things that you need to work on, kind of how you are rated in other leaders such as another great thing that you can do, you can list some goals and you can assess your current leadership ability to know where you are going, and the third one is you can ask others to rate your leadership, so if you take the time today to take that leadership assessment, I will give you a free hour of leadership coaching based on your assessment. You don’t have to have the Free Hour of leadership coaching. That’s fine.

[04:06] I will offer that to you for taking a few minutes and taking the assessment and then we can talk together about maybe I’m helping you create this program that you need to really skyrocket your growth. There are things that you can do. You have potential to change the world and change others, but you have to start with a growth mindset, so excited that you decided to join me. Congratulations on taking a step towards growth this morning. I am excited for you and where you are going. If you have a chance and you’d like to get a Mug to help support the show, you can do that over at the plugged into leadership facebook page and just click on shop over there to grab a mug. We got a few here at my house that are going to be shipped out to a few lucky folks and I am just really pumped that you decided to join me this morning and I’m excited about where you’re headed, so that’s all from me today. We are going to continue to talk about the growth mindset and the other processes of leadership that you need to have in place if you want to see change in this world. Thanks. Look forward to seeing you tomorrow, plugged into leadership, your outlet for leadership success.

[05:20] Bye.


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