Interview with Apologist Nick Peters

We are all a leader in some area of our life.  We influence others in varies ways.  Someone that has been a leader to me, and a leader in the Apologetic community is author, blogger, podcaster, and friend Nick Peters.  Nick blogs and podcasts at Deeper Waters. I asked him to answer a few question for me, which he graciously agreed to.  I suggest you check out his blog, podcast and anyone of his books that he has been apart of. Let’s get plugged into leadership and learn more about Nick and his ministry.

1. So you run a blog and podcast called Deeper Waters. You have answered a few common questions you get on you website, but one I didn’t see was, What led you to start Deeper Waters in the first place?

What led me to start Deeper Waters in the first place? I had just recently read Hugh Hewitt’s book Blog and in it, he argued that every Christian should be blogging. If not an apologetics blog, just something. A grandmother could blog about her life for her grandchildren. As I say this, it’s just a day after a 90 year-old uncle of mine has passed away. Imagine what it would be like if he had been blogging about his life and the Great Depression and serving in World War II and everything else? That would be a testament to future generations.

Anyway, I decided then I would start blogging and getting my thoughts out there. I have always encouraged the church to go deeper and so deeper waters seemed like a good name. In some ways, it’s an ironic name because I’m actually terrified of water.

2. You co-wrote with J.P. Holding a book called Defining Inerrancy. You also co-wrote other books such as Groundless, and Christian Answers To This Generation’s Questions. With an atheist you co-wrote God And Natural Disasters. You also have written, on your own,  A Creed For The Ages. Which was your favorite book to be apart of, and why?

If you ask what book has been my favorite to be a part of, thus far I think I would go with Defining Inerrancy. As many people know, Mike Licona is my father-in-law and when someone goes after my family, I refuse to stay silent. Writing this book was a great honor as I got to participate deeply in the battle. It was so exciting to have a foreword done by Craig Blomberg and to have the book praised by Dan Wallace as well.

3. You and I might have a higher interest in apologetics than your average Christian.  For someone that doesn’t know any apologetic material, they know no augments for God, don’t know much about the bible and such, what are they missing out on in your opinion?

What are people missing out without apologetics? Practically everything. I used to see being a Christian as just being a good person, but that morality is floating in the air. When you know that God exists and you know that Jesus rose, then you have an anchor. I’m not at all saying I have it perfectly. I don’t. I have plenty of times with nights that are practically sleepless and such. I have my fears and worries, but ultimately I do know I have Jesus. I also had another great blessing. My apologetics came in a time of great depression. I’m surprised I lived through it, but apologetics brought me out of it by giving me a passion and giving me clearer thinking. I used to say I was so thankful that God let me have that depression because it led me to apologetics. Today, that goes a step further. Apologetics was the means by which I came to know my now wife. Depression led me to apologetics. Apologetics led me to Allie.

4. What is your biggest challenge in life and how do you over come it? 

My biggest challenge in life? I don’t think I could say one. You see, seeing as my wife and I have Aspergers, we’re constantly having to learn to live in a world where we feel like outsiders and don’t understand the customs and rules. Imagine being a missionary and going to another culture except for some reason you haven’t studied it. That’s how we are. It can be hard. Also, as a husband, my great challenge is to try to live a Christ-like life and be a good husband to my wife. I get a lot of compliments on it, but I see my own failures clearly. I have to learn to pray and seek to do better. There’s also the problem of when someone hurts Allie. I can really suffer with that. I want to go after them and tear them to shreds really. Just last night I was doing Bible reading. I’m going through a verse a night before bed in the Sermon on the Mount and thinking about that verse as I go to sleep and last night I read about God sending the rain and sun on the just and unjust and how we must love our enemies so we will be called children of God. I started thinking about all the people I view as enemies. Some I know personally. Some I don’t, like in the world of politics and such. God loves them like He loves me and I have to love them sincerely. I really have a hard time doing that.

On top of that, in this economy, finances are always difficult. I would love to be getting more speaking engagements and such but unfortunately, Christian apologist does not show up in the want ads. Normally churches have no interest. It’s rough. I keep praying that God will open up the windows of Heaven sometime. I don’t care about being rich. I just want my wife and I to be provided for.

One more thing. It also helps to have mentors. I have a number of people I speak to when I have difficulties and I have a personal mentor I email every night. That’s a great help to me.


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