Mind the Gap!

Yesterday was Easter! If you are on staff at a church, there is a good chance you are taking it easy today. Enjoy the much-needed rest. But as you know, there is another service coming up in six days. The guests that made it out to your church this past weekend will likely be considering another visit this coming Sunday. I would like to offer some considerations for your sermon this weekend. Let’s get plugged into leadership before you get writing. … More Mind the Gap!

Interview with Apologist Nick Peters

We are all a leader in some area of our life. We influence others in varies ways. Someone that has been a leader to me, and a leader in the Apologetic community is author, blogger, podcaster, and friend Nick Peters. Nick blogs and podcasts at Deeper Waters. I asked him to answer a few question for me, which he graciously agreed to. I suggest you check out his blog, podcast and anyone of his books that he has been apart of. Let’s get plugged into leadership and learn more about Nick and his ministry. … More Interview with Apologist Nick Peters