Are you a boss or a leader? I sit down with Coach Dave Ferguson to find out.

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[00:06] Yeah,

[00:18] well good morning, my name is tim with plugged in the leadership, your outlet for leadership success and I have the privilege of sitting with Dave Ferguson, coach, executive coach, speaker man, you do so much, but one of the things that he also does is he’s an author and he wrote this fantastic book called boss or leader and he was nice enough to sit down with me today and giving me some insight on what’s the difference between a boss and a leader. So if I’m a, if I’m a worker, if I’m a worker bee, uh, what’s, what am I going to look for in a boss or leader or better yet, how do I know if I’m a boss or a leader?

[00:58] Well, first, thanks for having me on and I’ve enjoyed watching your growth. Uh, you know, remember when we met a while back, so we’ve connected on social media and I’ve really enjoyed watching your growth and I applaud you for doing this to. It’s putting yourself, enjoying that means so much in if you aren’t watching these more often. Watch them more often because there’s some good stuff in there. So difference between a Boston or a leader, you know, um, that’s a bit of a situational question in, in, in the simplest terms, in the work world, you know, bosses drive results in the use people to get the results. Leaders drive results as well, but they develop people and they develop a team to get the desired results of the team. In essence, I like to say leaders really walk alongside their team, a not good for them or behind them.

[01:57] And, and, and the other part is, you know, we hear a Boss or leader all the time, right? The people are bossy or that is my boss. One of the things that society has done, it drives me crazy, is that we actually put bosses up on pedestals and if you think about it, really dumb generalizing, but in most cases, the only time we talk about leaders is when they fail. Yes. Just look at the cable news. Newspapers write, we don’t really, um, upload leadership enough unless it’s a failure or if someone’s winning an award or getting a trophy. Right? So I’m on this bit of a kick now. Have you know, I want to make leadership great again so there’s no political demean anything politically there, but I do. I want to make leadership a great again and if we don’t talk about it, it’s not going to happen. And that’s one of the. One of the things I’m so glad,

[02:51] you brought that up that I’m trying to get going with tea with tim shows. So I encourage you to be a leader. I encourage you to take the steps, continue to grow as a leader and one of the ways that I have found to grow is to have a mentor and a coach and Dave just mentioned that he and I had met a probably about a year ago and talked a little bit through about how to get things started and what are some things to look for. And he really gave me some great advice and I consider him a mentor in that sense. And so I talked a little bit about what the difference between a coach and a mentor is from my perspective last Friday, but I want to get your perspective. So coaching and mentoring. When you sit down with somebody that you’re going to coach, what’s your mindset when you sit down with somebody that you’re going to mentor, what’s your mindset? What are the differences?

[03:35] This is for you. Simple. So when I coach someone, I’m asking the questions. When I mentor someone, I expect them to come prepared to ask to ask me questions. Oh, that’s a great distinction. That’s very simple. I just don’t pour out on mentees. Will you met with me and you asked me, hey dave, I want to get this started. What are some tips? The same thing I did 11 years ago when I met with one of my mentors who is still in my life. I spent some time with him this week. I went and asked him, Hey, I’m starting this business. I’m leaving corporate America. Give me some advice. That’s great. OK, should I do this? Should I do that? And I continue to go back to him in four or five other people that I have as mentors. So my pay for some I don’t, but they’re not.

[04:18] My coaches. Coaching is completely different than mentoring I. When I mentor people, um, I’m always prepared because I don’t have to prepare. Yes, they have to prepare to be mentored and preparing to be mentored means you come with the questions, you come with the results, you come ready to tell me what’s working, what’s not working. It’s not on me so I can mentor on the spot because I’m ready to right coaching, little bit different. You both do some homework. You both have to be ready. I’ve got to be ready and equipped to ask the right questions to get the person to open up and tell me what they’re feeling, what they’re seeing, where they want to go, what their vision is, right. And all that. And so it, it. They’re vastly different.

[05:05] And would you say that the leaders that are really going to do, um, some great things usually happen?

[05:12] Both, yes. I think, um, I think we as leaders do both. Sometimes mentoring, um, doesn’t look like a relationship coaching. I signed contracts with my clients. I mentor several people. Um, and uh, I don’t sign contracts with, you know, so I don’t necessarily charge for mentoring. I take some people under my wing when I coach other coaches. It is a combination of coaching and mentoring, but we have a contract, right? But, um, with some of the people I mentor, it’s not, it’s a, it’s part of my legacy

[05:49] legacies. Huge legacy is huge. Well, again, thank you so much dave, for being willing to sit down with me on [inaudible] with tim and Dave has written this fantastic book as I mentioned earlier and Dave is nice enough to, uh, give us some books and we want to pass those on to you. So the first 15 people that share this video on their wall, I will contact you and I will send you a free signed copy of boss or a leader for you. So go ahead and take advantage of that right now. Share this video with your social media, with your friends, uh, like it wherever it’s at, and you will get a free book, the first [inaudible] that do that. So I’m excited for you and all that’s going on in your world and, uh, I really appreciate it. Thanks lot. All right, thanks. We’ll see you tomorrow.


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