All Tech people should do this ONE THING

There is an amazing part of the movie Ocean’s Eleven where Brad Pitt’s character(Rusty) is giving some critical advice about the heist to Matt Damon’s character(Linus). Pitt is about to provide some vital information to Damon, as Damon is a newbie at this. Pitt is telling him how to be liked but not memorable by their mark and after a series of do’s and do not’s Pitt says “and whatever you don’t…” and he is interrupted by someone off camera and doesn’t finish the statement. Damon and the audience are left hanging.

There are lots of things that everyone in the booth should do or not to in the path to a successful Sunday morning service. Pay attention to where you are in the service, pray, prepare, know your gear, know the signal flow, and above all whatever you do make sure you…(it’s coming)

Each one of us has a role to play in the service when we are in the booth. Some of us are well seasoned and have a good handle on our craft. Others are just filling a spot because we know and like the pastor and well he asked. More than likely you are somewhere in between.

In a training session I was conducting with a few tech folks last week I asked them “what is the ONE THING we all must do well to succeed?” The answers varied from EQ well, find the right balance, make the congregation happy, make the band happy, and do whatever the pastor asks you to do. Though all of these are part of the answer, I was looking for something specific.

What I landed on as the ONE THING tech people need to do to succeed is SERVE WELL. When we help others reach their goals we are serving them well. When we do our job well, God is glorified, worshiped, and His people are edified. When we focus on one thing, we are like a domino that can knock over something 2x its size. Seeing the exponential growth of things we are improving at is astounding. Much like doubling the size of the domino each time and watching something half its size knock it over. This is demonstrated science.

But how do you serve well when there is a knowledge gap? What if you can’t adjust the bass in the monitor or prevent the computer from freezing up? Part of serving isn’t always doing a perfect job, but it is the attitude we bring to the situation. You will learn faster when you admit to the bass player you don’t know how to adjust his mix or tell the pastor you don’t know why the computer is freezing up. Your serving role then becomes to dig in and learn some new that will help solve the problem.

Master serving as the ONE THING and watch everything else get easier.


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