5 Ways to Build your Tech Team

You are a leader of a technical ministry. Chances are you are in this position because you have a good amount of technical skill. Perhaps you are a musician that knows a good deal about the sound system, you are in IT at your day job and are not afraid of computers, which made you the best choice, or maybe you are “Pro” that wants to use your gifts to serve the Lord at your church. What you did before isn’t as important as where you want to go. One thing is for sure, you can do more with a team than you can by yourself. Let’s get plugged into leadership and see how we can grow our team.

In an exit interview, I had a few years ago, I remember telling my former employer some thoughts I had on why I didn’t grow my tech team. As I reflect on the reasons I gave, they were all really silly. The truth was I just didn’t know how to do it and wanted to hide my ignorance. Since then I have engaged in growing my leadership lid. I would like to share some insight that I have gained and I wish I knew back then.

1. Be sure of YOUR calling

Why is your calling so important to getting others on the team? Roddy Galbraith says “Leadership is the facilitation of the process of the crystallization of potential into desired results through the systematic organization of talent.”

When you are sure of your calling this will give you the tools you need to assemble the team you need to carry out the vision. The vision of your tech ministry will flow out of 2 things. Your calling(desired results), and the calling of your church. You being on the team is part of your pastor’s facilitation of the crystallization of your potential into the church’s desire. You need to do the same thing for your team! When you aren’t sure of the desired results, it will be impossible to come up with the process and the talent needed to have a successful team. Be sure of your calling in this ministry.

2. Know who you are looking for, by knowing who you are

There are a few great online resources you can use to find out what your strengths and weaknesses are. Strength Finder 2.0, DISC, Crossroads.net and many more. This is an important part of putting together a team.

It is important to have a team that has similar values as you, but different strengths than you. Imagine a team full of excellent, diverse audio techs. The lighting would be terrible! Sure, it is good to have a few of each position on the team, but in each position, it is good to have different expertise. Work in and develop your strengths and find people who’s strengths are your weaknesses.

3.. Be a People Developer

What does it take to be a person developer? I can acknowledge that for some tech people this is difficult. Perhaps one of the reasons you are in tech is because you aren’t much of a people person. If you want to grow your team, this has to change. A successful people developer must:

-Value People: Your attitude towards people
-Have Commitment to People:The time you spend with them
-Have Integrity with People:Model good character with them
-Have a Standard for People:Give them your vision
-Have Influence over People:Your leadership of them

Chances are you have at least one person on your team. Start with them! Get together with this person, and lead them well by developing them.

4. Be A People Motivator

I am taking a page right out of John Maxwell’s Developing the Leader within you. These are John’s words as I can not say it better.

Significant Contributions-People want to join in a group or pursue a cause that will have a lasting impact. They need to see that what they are doing is not wasted effort, but is making a contribution.

Goal Participation- People support what they create. Being part of the goal-setting process is motivation and it allows people to feel needed. They like to feel they are making a difference. (see point 1)

Positive dissatisfaction-Someone said that dissatisfaction is the one-word definition of motivation. Dissatisfied people are highly motivated people, for they see the need for immediate change.

Recognition-People want to be noticed. They want credit for the personal achievements and appreciation for their contributions. Often giving recognition is another way to say “Thanks”!

Clear expectations- People are motivated when they know exactly what they are to do and have the confidence that they can do it successfully.

Use these 5 things to motivate your current team, and people that are interested in your team. The people on your current team, are your best recruiters. Do these 5 things with your current team and they won’t be able to keep their mouth shut about how awesome serving on your team is.

5. Grow them as Leaders

Leadership is Influence. Train them to be influencers! There are lots of ways to carry this out. The first step is to listen to them. Listen to what your team values and then help them get there. I got so set on building a team for my sake, I forgot that leadership is about others. I want you to have the best team on the planet. Why? Because it will help you live your dreams. Do the same for others. If you are talking with a potential team member and you know it is not a good fit, connect them with a team that is a good fit.

To grow your team, start with being sure of your calling. Then grow your team by growing each member of your team! Everything rises and falls on leadership. How is your leadership?


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