Lead, to Change violence Part 1

When I was in elementary school I would wear a very stylish, bright orange camo looking hunting hat. I thought it was the coolest hat a kid could own. It was bright, loud and drew lots of attention. It was so awesome that nearly every day at recess, a group of kids took the hat from me and played a game of keep away. I reasoned that they really liked the hat as much as I did and that is why they wanted it so much. It wasn’t until my very astute brother pointed out, while I was crying about how I hated how they took my hat and wished they would get their own instead of taking mine, that they only took it because I would feverishly chase after them to get my hat back. Shortly, after I stopped chasing them around the school yard to get my hat back, and just left them alone, the hat thieves stopped their actions and moved on to other things. What can this story tell us about leading? Let’s get plugged into leadership to find out. … More Lead, to Change violence Part 1