Coaching Products

Personal and Organizational Direction:
Length: 3 Months
Relational Equity assessment
12 One hour sessions
6 months of check-ins
Text and Email access for the duration of the 3 months
Results: You’ll identify who you truly are and what you are passionate about. You will also have a renewed sense of purpose, direction, meaning, and words to communicate that new sense.
This package is ideal for someone who feels they have lost their way in life and wants to regain the reasons to live to the fullest.
Communications Coaching
Length: 3 sessions (timeline may vary)
Content review
Presentation Big Idea
Delivery review and evaluations
Ways to connect to the audience
Confidence to deliver
Results: Confidence, connection, and content of your next presentation. All 3 of these will help your next presentation be the best yet.
This package is ideal for someone who may be terrified of speaking in public but knows they need to deliver with excellence in their next video, class, presentation to their colleagues, or someone who wants to feel more confident with their pitch.
Relationship and Conflict Coaching
Length: 3 months
2 book resources
A plan to master your emotions
Relational equity assessment
360 assessment
Results: You will identify and control your emotions in high tension situations or where there is a disagreement at home or at work. They will learn who they are to better interact with others.
This package is ideal for someone who has received a negative review at work with the core issue being “hard to work with”. Also, someone that might be having trouble at home with their partner, older children, or parents.
Podcast Mastermind 
Length: 4 weeks
Podcasting start to finish 
Basic recording and editing
How to publish you podcast
How to market your podcast
Results: You will have the tools you need to get your ideas out there to world via audio or video podcast
This package is ideal for someone who has a wealth of knowledge and needs a vehicle to communicate in a digital world
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